Love yourself

Today I feel the need to talk about the importance of loving yourself. This is a topic I have struggled with my whole life and continue to struggle with.

You see I am no skinny girl. I have always had “extra love” on me. I am not a size two (you should probably add about ten to that number) and I don’t have an hour glass figure. I see all of these beautiful women who are skinny/beautiful and I become embarrassed of myself. There have been times that I have sat next to or stood next to a small skinny woman and have felt like a giant who weighed 1000 pounds. Has anyone else felt like this?

And it’s not like I have not tried to loose the weight. I used to be an athlete in school and I currently am so busy I can’t tell you the last time I sat on my couch. I have tried diet after diet and have failed. I can tell you that I LOVE food ha! I am that person who loves pizza and eats a ton of ice cream when she is sad. I used to think I was the only person to have to talk to herself to turn down another cookie.

So what do I see when I look in the mirror?? I see a woman who is fat. I see a woman that no man could never desire. I see a woman that needs so much improvement. I see a woman who is only seen by the large arms and thunder thighs.

Except…. I know that is not what others see when they look at me.

My fianc√© tells me on a daily basis how beautiful I am. It’s not one of those “you look nice tonight” comments. It’s on of these moments where he stops what he is doing and stares at me in admiration and simply stating “you are beautiful. I am a lucky man”.¬†In that moment I melt. How can this gorgeous man think I am beautiful. Does he not see my chubby thighs or my obviously not flat stomach? But HE DOES NOT SEE IT. He sees beauty. He sees a woman that loves to have a good time and laughs at his dorky jokes. He sees a woman who plans to devote her life helping other people and dances with the dog in the kitchen. I am a very lucky woman. He makes me feel beautiful especially when I do not feel it. I can be lying in bed in a sweatshirt with greasy hair thrown in a bun and he will just give me that look that says it all. Every woman should feel the way he makes me feel.

So what am I trying to say here? I am trying to say that we as people should stop looking in the mirror with hatred towards our self. Stop looking at the double chins, the acne, or the flaws we think we have. In the words of Lady Gaga “I’m beautiful in all ways cause
God makes no mistakes”. We should love our selves. We should go out with friends and eat pizza. We should wear the clothes that makes us feel beautiful even if others might think something. We should try to see our selves in the eyes that others see us.

And without getting all religious I am a believer in God and I believe he made us beautiful. Now I am not saying that I should eat a large pizza by myself every day and not work out any, but I am saying that those things we “dislike” about our selves is silly. We are beautiful and God created us in his image.

SO I CHALLENGE YOU! (I am challenging myself as well so don’t worry). My challenge is to look in the mirror every day and say one nice thing to yourself. I challenge you to fall in love with yourself. I challenge you to find the beauty that everyone else sees in you. (Again talking to myself here). Love yourself.